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2NE1 Pairings: CHAEZY

“During practice or in ordinary life, Minzy is the most mature.” - CL 

“CL shows the strong side of her when she’s on stage. But the rest of the time, she’s a person who’s really sweet and has a lot of ideas. When it comes to taking care of others, she’s the best at it. She’s just like the good sister next door.” - Minzy

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tbh girls’ generation was one of the groups i never thought would lose a member

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In 30 years, I hope that we age along with our music. We may be walking separate paths, but I’d love it if we could get together once in a while and hold a concert under the name of ’2NE1.’ No matter what we do, we won’t be leaving music. - CL

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Minzy's hair colors: red

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